For my final year major project I decided I wanted to create a product that would in some way help those who used it, and hold it’s own in the marketplace. After research into what people would do in times of crisis, I found a lot of people would drink tea to calm themselves, to give themselves a boost of energy or to help them focus. I considered the many beneficial qualitites of tea, and decided to create a new tea product that would help tea drinkers through hard times. As the tea market is one growing in popularity I needed to create a product that would stand out from exisiting products, so I decided to make a teabag coated in sugar, as it is known that people who have just endured a shock, benefit from a sugary drink.
My designs draw inspiration from victorian medicine packaging that was covered in copy claiming to cure all physical ailments. Today such tablets would be regarded as nonsense. No tablet could possibly cure all the ills of everyday drama and stress either, but Sweetea offers an cure, not in the tea itself, but through its design and quirky copy across the brand, offering tips and making you chuckle in order to help you through life’s less desirable moments.